Illustration of Timurid Soldier, 1420

Timurid Mounted Falconer Hunting Ducks

The full picture including ducks
From The David Collection museum in Denmark. Iran; c. 1420 Drawing: 11.4 20.5 cm
Early Timurid painting was in many ways a further development of the refined art that was created under the Jalayirids and the Muzaffarids. An elegant and painstakingly detailed work is this depiction of a mounted falconer about to send his falcon aloft through a flock of flapping ducks.
We do not know whether the drawing was a draft for a larger composition or an independent study. It is, however, a fact that in the 15th century, people began to collect exquisite drawings and calligraphy in an album (muraqqa). This can be considered the first signs of a development in which Islamic painting liberated itself from being only an illustration to a text.

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