Timurid Soldiers from the Shahnamah

Minuchihr slays Salm, 1435-1440

Minuchihr, riding upon his blue barded horse, is slaying Salm.
Salm and Tur, two of the sons of Shah Faridun, slew their brother, Iraj, to gain his realm. Iraj's son, Minuchihr,
eventually avenged his father's death, first killing Tur, then beheading Salm and parading his head on a spear.

Object type: painting, manuscript
Description: Manuchihr and Salm fighting; painting, detached page from an illustrated manuscript of Firdawsi's Shahnama. Manuchihr, mounted on a blue-cloaked horse, slays Salm with his sword. Hilly background with single tree. Group of men in top left corner. Four columns of text at bottom of sheet and one column at top right. Red title at topmost centre. Ink, opaque watercolour and gold on paper.
School/style: Persian School/Style
Culture/period: Timurid dynasty
Date: 1435-1440
Production place: Made in: Shiraz (South Iran, Fars province)
Materials: paper
Technique: painted
  Width: 17.5 centimetres (sheet)
  Height: 24.8 centimetres (sheet)
  Width: 14 centimetres (image)
  Height: 21.1 centimetres (image)
Source: British Museum number: 1948,1009,0.49
A sword fight between Bizhan and Farud, from the Shahnamah of 1435-1440

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