Illustration of Timurid Soldiers, 1430

Kay Khusrau kills Aila,
from Bayasanghor's (grandson of Timur) copy of the Shahnama by Ferdowsi.

A detail of Battle between Iran and Turan, from the 1430 Shahnama of Bayasanghor.

f335. Battle between Iran and Turan. The opposing armies are those of Iran led by Key-Khosrow, and those of Turan, under the command of Afrasiyab.
The encounter between Kay Khusrau and the three Turanian champions, Astaqila, Aila and Burzi-aila in full battle. When Khusrau saw Aila's heart and strength, he quickly drew his sharp sword from his belt; he struck him in the waist and cut him in two; he made the heart of the heroes full of fear. Unesco

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