Cup of Khusrau I, Detail of King, 6th century

Roman Ghirshman, Persian Art. The Parthian and Sassanian Dynasties, New York, 1962, Pl. 401, p. 304, Cup of Khusrau I, Detail of King, VI century A.D. Bibliothèque Nationale
Elsie Holmes Peck, The Representation of Costumes in the Reliefs of Taq-i-Bustan. Artibus Asiae, Vol. 31, No. 2/3, 1969, Fig. 9.
A coloured image of the full Cup of Khusrau I

9th c. Gold with semi-precious stones. Dia. 28 cm.
Ex-treasury of St. Denis, Paris; now Bibliothèque nationale.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 51.
Eastern Metalwork in Collections Outside of Russia.

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