An illustration in the 1305-14
Jami‛ al-Tawarikh
by Rashid al-Din.

Universal History

or Compendium of Chronicles

Ğāmi‛ al-tavārīḫ. Rašīd al-Dīn Fazl-ullāh Hamadānī

Mongols Besieging the City of Ūq

A larger detail of Mongols Besieging the City of Ūq, Jami' al-Tawarikh, 1305-14

From 1256 to 1258, the Mongol forces deployed an estimated 300,000 warriors as well as siege engines, like the trebuchet being prepared for use above, to subdue more than 200 fortresses in northern Iran and the Levant.
Il-Khanid: Tabriz
Edinburgh University Library, MS. Or. 20 f.124v

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