Illustration from the First Small Shahnama, c.1300 showing Ilkhanid Mongols
The execution of Afrasiyab
Chapter 13g - The Great War between Kay Khusrau and Afrasiyab

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Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Manuscript: 25.68.1, 34.24.1-6, 57.51.33, 69.74.1-9
Accession Number: 34.24.5
Dimensions (h x w): 61 x 119 mm
Title of Work: Shahnama (First Small)
Reconstructed Folio: 150v
Gregorian Date: 1300 (circa)
School: Baghdad
Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
This illustration from the Shahnama shows Kai Khusrau on his throne holding the sword with which he will execute Afrasiyab for the murder of Siyavush, bound and standing before him. Next to Afrasiyab is his brother Garsivaz, the actual murderer of Siyavush, and behind him is an executioner with his sword drawn. The elderly Kai Kavus, grandfather of Kai Khusrau, is seated beside his grandson. In spite of the grim scene, the style is delicate and courtly, as befits its origins in an important cultural center, possibly Baghdad which rapidly became a prominent Ilkhanid city after it was taken and partially destroyed by the new rulers in 1258.

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