Illustrated Manuscript of Seyyid Lokman on Mehmed IIIís Campaign in Hungary

This manuscript contains, among other things, a hitherto unknown text by the famous Ottoman historian Seyyid Lokman that primarily deals with Sultan Mehmed IIIís campaign in Hungary in 1596. The five double miniatures are related to the ones that were produced in the sultansí court studios, but are of an inferior quality. The client was probably an important personage at the court, and not the sultan himself.

The historical Ottoman manuscripts are known for quite painstaking representations of reality. Both their typographical depictions and their renditions of architecture and costumes can be valuable sources of information.

Turkey, Istanbul; c. 1600
Each leaf: 30.2 ◊ 18.2 cm
From the David Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark.
The double miniatures depict the following events:

Mehmed IIIís Coronation in the Topkapi Palace in 1595 (fol. 15b-16a).

The Battle of Hacova (Keresztes) in Hungary in 1596, When the Ottomans Vanquished the Hapsburg Forces (fol. 17b-18a).

Mehmed III Arrives at the Head of the Victorious Army at Davudpasha, a Suburb of Istanbul (fol. 20.b-21.a).

Mehmed III Received in Davudpasha (fol. 22b-23a).

Mehmed III Enthroned in the Davudpasha Pavilion (fol. 24b-25a).

Ottoman Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers