Early 17th Century Illustration of Ottoman Soldiers

From Manuscript Hazine 1124, Sehname by Nadiri, 1620s, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Osman II marching on Hotin

Osman II is shown marching towards Hotin (Khotin). Ignoring a strong opposition in the capital, the young sultan had insisted on participating in this expedition against the Polish forces. He was determined to lead his army by himself in an attempt to revive the habit of his ancestors. The Ottoman army left Istanbul on 21 May, 1621 and after three months of marching, the siege of Hotin fortress started on 21 August. Both sides reached an agreement and the siege was lifted on October, 9, 1621. The Polish would halt their intrusion into Ottoman territory and Moldovia was accepted as an integral part of the Empire.

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