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Hans Sloan's Album, "The Habits of the Grand Signor's Court"

SL.5258, Turkey, c.1620

Folio 15b. Bostanc覺 ba覺

Bostanc覺 ba覺. The chief of the bostanc覺 corps who worked in the gardens and rowed the boats (kayik) for the sultan. When the sultan travelled by boat it was the duty of the bostanc覺 ba覺 to steer. He also always accompanied the Sultan when the latter visited the gardens. The bostanc覺 ba覺 was also responsible for making the necessary arrangements for executions of men of rank. Wearing an ermine-lined blue kaftan, scarlet robe with a gold design yellow slippers and the m羹cevveze turban.
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Registration number: 1928,0323,0.46.13 British Museum

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