Hünernâme of 1588 by Lokman showing Ottoman soldiers.

Siege of Belgrade, 1456

A large image of the Siege of Belgrade, 1456. Hünernâme of 1588 by Lokman. Ottoman.
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Hazine 1523, f165a. Istanbul, Topkapi Palace Museum.

Mehmed II's unsuccessful Siege of Belgrade (Nándorfehérvár) in 1456. It shows Sultan Mehmed charging to the city walls where he was seriously wounded.

Referenced on p.22 ELI - 58 The Janissaries by David Nicolle and Christa Hook:
Siege-scene from the Süleymanname (sic) of 1558. Cannons fire from behind wooden bulwarks filled with earth, and Janissaries man the front-line trenches while Turkish cavalry drive back an unsuccessful Christian sortie. (Ms. Haz. 1517, Topkapi Lib., Istanbul)

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