Salim Kills Rhinoceros and a Lion, c. 1600-04
Folio from a Shikarnama (Hunting Album)

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Held by The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin: Salim's Hunting Book In 50.1 Source
This painting (though in different borders) was once part of a Shikarnama, an album of images of the hunt presumably compiled for the Mughal prince Salim (the future emperor Jahangir). A shikari (hunt attendant) holds up the head of a dead lioness for the prince to inspect, while in the foreground is a pile of at least four dead rhinoceros, indicating that this must have been an especially successful hunt. In the background is a pile of dead antelope and around them a group of shikaris, most of whom are looking or gesturing towards the cheetah on the other side of the stream that has just brought down yet another antelope.

A photo of The Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)
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