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17th Century Mughals, Rajputs & Marathas

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Prince Salim (Jahangir) at Allahabad
Prince Salim with a courtier and attendants in a tent. Freer Gallery, Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art. F1960.27
A Lion Hunt. Freer Gallery, Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art.
The Abduction of a Princess. Freer Gallery, Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art. F1945.28
Babur setting out from Kabul to attack Kandahar, from a 1603-04 Akbarnama
Battle of Panipat between Babur and Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, from a 1603-04 Akbarnama. British library.
Death of Sultan Bahadur at Diu, 1537, from an early Indian history of Portuguese activities (ca. 1603-1604)
Asaf khan Presents Offerings, 1604. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Hamid Bhakari Punished by Akbar, 1604. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
The Emperor Humayun Returning from a Journey Greets his Son, 1604. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Nobleman Riding on Elephant, early 17thC
Battle Scene from an early 17th century Shahnama. Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Salim Kills Rhinoceros and a Lion, c. 1600-04. The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin: Salim's Hunting Book In 50.1
Prince Salim at a Hunt, c. 1600-04. Los Angeles County Museum of Art M.83.137
Celebrations at the accession of Jahangir, 1605, Jahangir-nama. Institute of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg (Ms. E-14, fol. 10)
Emperor Jahangir receiving his two sons, c1605-06. British Museum
Camp Being Prepared in the Hills, during Jahangir's Reign, 1605–27
Encampment in the Hills: Jahangir with Falcon, 1605–27. Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.
Jahangir and wounded lioness
Jahangir weighs Prince Khurram, Jahangir-nama. British Museum
Elephants and Riders in Combat, 1st quarter 17th century, India.
Portrait of the Portuguese Admiral Albuquerque, c.1615, India.
Jahangir's Lion Hunt, c. 1615, Aga Khan Museum
Elephant and trainer, Gulshan Album (Rose Garden album), late 16th Century, Mughal India. Freer Gallery of Art F1956.12
Durbar scene of Jahangir, c. 1619. Freer Gallery, Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art.
Jahangir Darbar, Jahangir-nama, c. 1620
The Great Mughal Jahangir’s Darbar, c. 1620. David Collection Museum, Denmark. Inv. no. 20/1979.
Jahangir Receives a Prisoner, Jahangir-nama, c. 1620. Chester Beatty Library, Dublin: CBL In 34.5.
Meeting of Warriors, from a 1620-1625 Shahnama. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. M.90.160.1
Jahangir with portrait of Akbar
Paintings from the Patna's Drawings album. Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Manuscript Douce Or. a.1
Portrait of an emperor mounted on a white horse and carrying a lance. Bodleian Ms Ouseley Add. 173
Sadullah Khan giving audience
Shah Jahan Riding a Stallion, from The Kevorkian Album, c1628
Moghul Lion Hunt
Shah Jahan and son Dara
Portrait of an officer
'Royal Horse and his Groom', Bundi, Rajasthan, India. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Marriage Procession in a Bazaar, Mandi, 1645. Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
Battle in the mountains by Payāg, c. 1645. National Museum, Kraków, Poland
Standing figure of an officer, c1628-1658 - from the Small Clive Album, Victoria & Albert Museum. IS.48:6/A-1956
Battle Scene, Large Clive Album
Mounted Hunter, from the Large Clive Album. Victoria and Albert Museum IS.133:31/B-1964
Rajput princes hunting bears while a mahout and his elephant rescue a fallen horseman from a tiger, post 1650. V&A IS.133:101/B-1964.
Dara Shikuh with his army
Battle of Samugarah, 1658
Equestrian Portrait of Aurangzeb
Portrait of an officer, mid to late 17th century - from the Small Clive Album
Aurangzeb giving audience
Commander In The Deccan, 1670
Maharana Raj Singh riding, Udaipur, c. 1670
Nata, Rajput from a late C17 Ragamala
The Darbar of Cornelis van den Bogaerde, c. 1687
The procession of Cornelis van den Bogaerde, c. 1687
Sivaji and Army
Portrait of Sivaji

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