'Qazvin Enthronement Plate'
Silver plate from the vicinity of Qazvin. Iran Bastan Museum, Tehran.

p 50, "The three remaining silver vessels with "Sasanian" scenes of enthronement are, as will be explained below, almost certainly Islamic in date. One, from Klimova, in the Perm, has an illustration of a banqueting couch throne (Pl. I).5 The figure seated upon it wears no form of royal headdress at all. The two other vessels in the Tehran Museum (Pl. IVa)6 and in the Walters Art Gallery (Pl. V)7 show persons whose crowns resemble but do not closely imitate Sasanian royal headdresses. On the evidence of these five vessels, all of which have figures seated upright on banqueting couches, it has been assumed that this was the standard Sasanian throne type. No examination has been made of the early Sasanian rock reliefs (Pls. VI, VIIa) with enthroned kings nor of the Sasanian coins (P1. IVb), where an entirely different throne appears. It is with this first type that a discussion of the Sasanian throne must begin."
Source: Thrones and Enthronement Scenes in Sasanian Art by P. O. Harper. Plate IVa.

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