ʿAbbāsid Bowl with Cavalryman, 10th Century, Iraq
Keir Collection

Ceramic from 10th century Iraq showing an apparently unarmoured cavalryman wielding a sword with what might be a ring-pommel more commonly seen in Central Asia. (Keir Coll. London)
Source: p38, Armies of the Caliphates 862-1098 by David Nicolle

Referenced as figure 317 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
317. Lustre dish, 10th century AD, ʿAbbāsid, Keir Coll., London.

See also Abbasid Medallion of Khalīf al Muqtadir Billāh, 908-932 AD, ʿAbbāsid, Münzkabinett, Staatliche Museen Dahlem, West Berlin (Kau).
Abbasid Bowl with Standard Bearer, 10th Century, Iraq, Sothebys sale L13220/lot 162
ʿAbbāsid 'al-Sufi' manuscript, Topkapī Sarayī, Istanbul, MS. Ahmet III 3493, 1130-31AD, Mayyafariqin SE Turkey or Iraq.
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