Dovecote Church

Military Saint 3
This saint wears a type of armour not seen on any of the other saints in this church, with what appear to be vertical strips covering the torso. There is some indication that this figure is wearing the mysterious chest harness which has been described as the Varangian bra", which appears in such Byzantine illuminations as the Joshua Roll and carved ivory boxes in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The armour also has the equally mysterious circular feature at the belly. Unlike any other figure in this church, this saint holds his sword over his shoulder in his left hand. Below kremasmata of vertical strips, his thighs appear to be bare, but he wears kampotoubia or high boots on his calves. As with all the other saints, he wears a cloak - this one appears to be done up at the centre.

Detail showing the sword over the Saint's shoulder, and the "Varangian bra".

Detail showing the kremasmata, and the mysterious "circle" at the waist.

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