Dovecote Church

Military Saint 1
This saint wears the mysterious armour seen on Saint Akakios, with the circular feature at the belly, and a curved lower rim to the kremasmata similar to that worn by Saint Bebianos What at first appears to be a baldric over his right shoulder, on closer inspection turns out to be his sword, held in a similar way to those in the frieze on the north wall. He is holding the scabbard in his hand. His thighs appear to be bare, but he wears kampotoubia or high boots on his calves. As with all the other saints, he wears a cloak - this one appears to be done up at the left shoulder.

Detail showing the sword over the Saint's shoulder.

Detail showing the curved lower border of the kremasmata, and its mysterious form. The scabbard is also seen more clearly, with its support strap. The mysterious circular "blob" at the saint's right hip is seen in detail to be damage to the rock face.

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