Dovecote Church

Saint Akakios

Shown here as AKAKHOC, other sources name him AXAXIOC (Akhakhios). He appers to be wearing a garment over the armour, and the kremasmata appear to support Dawson's contention of the use of padded and quilted fabric. An upper border on the boots may indicate the tops are folded down a little. He appears to be barelegged above them.

Kremasmata: quilted fabric? If not, what are they made of?

There appears to be patterning on the boots, if that's what they are - damage to the picture obscures details, particularly at the ankle, which would determine whether these are boots or kampotoubia. However, the suggestion of tension lines, particularly in the figure's left boot, may indicate that they were tied on, rather than just pulled on.

No sign of armour on the torso. Is he wearing an epilorikion over it?

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