Dovecote Church


There is an inscription with this figure but it is almost completely obliterated. The only remnants Jerphanion was able to make out were the letters O (omega), then CH.....OC, M...., TH..... Not much to go on.

As this figure is of a similar format to Melias (the other horseman), Jerphanion posits that it, too, is of a donor.

The figure wears scale armour (perhaps leather) on torso, arms and as kremasmata. He carries a bamboo lance. There is mail visible beneath the klibanion at neck level.

Detail showing the mail rings at neck level, presumably a lorikion worn under the klibanion.

See an article on the possible identities of the two Dovecote Church horsemen

The two mounted donors are referenced on p.45, Byzantine Cavalryman c.900-1204 by Timothy Dawson (Author), Giuseppe Rava (Illustrator)
The fresco of the Forty Martyrs of Sevaste in the Dovecote Church at Çavusin in Kappadokhia shows both infantry and cavalry. The horsemen are armed with kontaria and protected by a mixture of lamellar and scale armour.

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