Dovecote Church

Saint Bebianos

According to Jerphanion, this Saint is named Bebianos, Bikriatos, or Bibianos in various sources.

His kremasmata appear to be of leather strips, curved down toward the centre, in a similar shape to that of the un-named saint seventh in the frieze. There is a repeat of the circular feature at waist level, but it is still unclear what exactly this is. As well as his sword, he carries a bamboo spear, approximately the same height as the figure himself, with a very short head. This length probably means it is a javelin, rather than a stabbing spear.

The hose or toubia appear to be of patterned fabric. His sword has a straight crossguard, fairly wide, and the blade is quite evidently two-edged.

Detail of the kremasmata. These do not appear to continue under the circular feature, but to begin at the bottom of it.

Detail of leg coverings - first, hose patterned in what appear to be fairly large black dots on a dark brown background. Over these, what appear to be calf-length kampatoubia tied at top and bottom, with a clear demarcation between these and the footwear (which, however, are the same colour).

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