Dovecote Church


Jerphanion identifies this figure as Saint Esukhios (ECVXHOC is written beside the name, corresponding to Saint HCVXIOC in the lists of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste.
The saint appears to be wearing a short-sleeved garment over his chest armour, with vertical rows of pearls or other jewels, though this may be fanciful decoration on the part of the artist. He is wearing kremasmata (armoured skirt), of what appear to be large leather scales, rounded at the bottoms. The lower border of the kremasmata is horizontal. Although his trousers or toubia (leggings) appear to be patterned, closer inspection shows the "pattern" to be caused by scars in the paintwork. The tops of his boots seem to be rolled over for extra protection.

Detail of the garment, presumably over the armour on the torso, but this can't be proved.

The kremasmata appear to be of long scales, perhaps of leather. The circular feature at the waist is quite visible on this figure.
Detail of the toubia, showing the scars in the paintwork.

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