Detail of David and Goliath on South-East Facade
Surb Khach Church
Church of the Holy Cross
Akdamar Island, Van Province, Turkey

Photo by Lostinafrica

A larger detail of Goliath on South-East Facade, Surb Khach Church, Church of the Holy Cross, Akdamar Island, Van Province, Turkey
Eli (above window), King Saul, Samuel (in roundel), David and Goliath
Saul was at war with the Philistines. Young David, a shepherd, was sent to the war camp with some provisions for his brothers; there he heard Goliath's challenge to a single combat. David volunteered to slay the Philistine with God's help. He went near Goliath, used his sling and hit his forehead, Goliath fell. David used Goliath's sword to kill him. The enemy was dispersed.
The Armenian inscriptions refer to: David the Prophet; and Goliath (AYL ASK - the other, the alien). Between David & Goliath is a crouched deer.
Source: Aghtamar

The "church of the Holy Cross" was built on Aght'amar Island in Lake Van between the years 915 and 921 by the architect-monk Manuel under Armenian King Gagik Artzruni.
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