Illustration from

"Oriental Memoirs" by James Forbes, 1813

Mohman Khaun, Nabob of Cambay

Plate forty-four from the second volume of James Forbes' "Oriental Memoirs". Forbes (1749-1819) visited Cambay in the 1775 as part of the Maratha campaign in Gujarat where his friend Sir Charles Warre Malet (1752-1815) was English Resident. The original drawing was made during a public interview between the Nawab and the Mahratta Peshwa, 'Ragonath Row'. To Forbes, the sketch 'was thought to be a strong likeness, and an exact representation of the Mogul costume. On that particular occasion the Nabob wore no jewels, nor any kind of ornament, except a fresh-gathered rose on one side of his turban.'


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