Illustrations from

'Book of Fixed Stars' (Kitāb suwar al-kawākib al-ṯābita)
by ‛Abd al-Rahman ibn ‛Umar al-Ṣūfī,
New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ms. Rogers Fund, 1913, c. 1400AD [Acc. 13.160.10]

Probably produced in Samarkand.

This book, based on the Almagest of the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, concerns the forty-eight constellations known as the Fixed Stars, which, according to the medieval conception of the universe, inhabited the eighth of the nine spheres surrounding the earth. The constellations each appear twice in mirror image, shown as observed from the earth and from the sky.
Cepheus & reverse image of Cepheus
Serpens & Serpentarius & reverse image of Serpens & Serpentarius
Bootes & reverse image of Bootes
Hercules & reverse image of Hercules
Cassiopeia & reverse image of Cassiopeia
Perseus & reverse image of Perseus
Auriga & reverse image of Auriga
Andromeda & reverse image of Andromeda
Andromeda & Fish & reverse image of Andromeda & Fish
Gemini & reverse image of Gemini
Sagittarius & reverse image of Sagittarius
Aquarius & reverse image of Aquarius
Orion & reverse image of Orion
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