Angevine Hungarians in the Provostal Church in Spišska Kapitula (Szepeshely), Slovakia, 1317AD

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Figure 52. Mural in the northern aisle.

Figure of the castellan of Szepes in Spišska KapitulaCharles I. at Spišska Kapitula
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p47. The mural painting in Spišska Kapitula, as is written on the fresco, was made in 1317, so unlike in many other cases an exact date is known when it was painted. Second, the image depicts the first Angevin king. Charles' third coronation following the last king from the Árpad dynasty on the throne, and it is considered the first historical painting in Hungary (Fig. 52). The provost of Spišska Kapitula ordered the work to pay reverence to Charles I. when he visited the town. Scholars agreed that the painter must be Italian or someone trained in Italy.
Source: Kármen Anita Baráth, The Belt in Late-Medieval Hungary; a Comparison of Archaeological and Pictorial Evidences 2013

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