Illustrations from

Nihayat al-su'l

by Muhammad ibn 'Isa ibn Isma'il al-Hanafi al-Aqsara'i

a manual of horsemanship and military practice.

Nihayat Al-su'l wa Al-Umniyya fi Ta'lim A'mal Al-Furusiyya (An End to the Desire to know more of Exercises in Horsemanship)

Copy of 1371 by Ahmed Ibn Umar Al-Misri

Executed under the Mamelukes, in Syria or Egypt. British Library, Add. 18866.

14th century copy

Executed under the Mamelukes, in Syria or Egypt. Source: Werner Forman Archive / National Library, Cairo.

Mamelukes on the Baptistère de Saint Louis, early 14th century
Late 14th to 15th century Mameluke costume in Kalila and Dimna
Helmet with the name of Sultan Barsbay, 1422-38
Mameluke Illustrations from Kalila and Dimna, 15th century

10th to 19th century Egypt and its territories
Other 14th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers