Selected illustration from the
Chronica de Gestis Hungarorum of Mark Kálti
Képes Krónika, Hungary, c.1360

The Frontispiece of the Képes Krónika, Hungary, 1360

First arrival of the Hungarians [Huns] into Pannonia

On the election of Attila King of the Hungarians [Huns]

The Hungarians again enter Pannonia


Generations of the Tata / The Hont-Pázmány family


Various peoples arrive in Pannonia

Hungarians devastate Bulgaria

The fight between Botond and the Greek fighter in front of the gates of Constantinople

King Stephen captures pagan leader Gyula

King Stephen's defeat of Bulgarian leader, Keán

The Saint Ladislaus Legend

Battle of Magyoróde

The Hungarians battle against Emperor Konrad III

Mongols invaded Hungary and annihilated Béla IV's army in the Battle of Mohi on 11 April 1241

Ladislaus IV

Mongols in Hungary

Battle of Rozgony

Battle of Posada against Basarab I, King of Wallachia, in 1330

A Wallachian envoy delivering a message to Hungarian King Charles Robert

Battle of Posada against Basarab I in 1330 (2nd version)
Manuscript: OSK Clmae 404 Chronica Pictum
Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Budapest

Hungarian Flags from Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath, based on the Képes Krónika
Effigy of Garai Miklós, in the armour of a Hungarian Knight, 1380-85
Images of 14th & 15th Century Hungarians & Cumans in the Legend of Saint Ladislaus
Other 14th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Illustrations of Hungarian Costume & Soldiers