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Maqamat of al-Hariri

Abou Mohammad al-Qāsim ibn ‛Ali ibn Mohammad ibn ‛Ali al-Hariri al-Basri (1054 - 1122) (author).

manuscript: Suleymaniye Library, Esad Efendi 2916

This is dated to the rule of the last ‛Abbāsid al-Musta‛ṣim (1242-1258) on the basis of a benevolent inscription with his name on a frieze of a mosque depicted in illustration 48 to the Maqāmāt (fol.204a).

Small images only.
The faces have been deliberately smudged.

Source: Turkish Cultural Foundation. Nurhan Atasoy Archive.

Referenced as figure 311 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
311. Manuscript, Maqāmāt al Ḥarīrī, late 13th century AD, Jazīrah, Suleymaniye Lib., Ms Esad Effendi 2916, ff. 89r, 92r, 93r and 118v, Istanbul.

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