Wood a carving of a warrior on horseback carrying a lance, Qasr Ibrim, Nubian, Egypt, 12th-13th centuries

Object type: furniture
Museum number: EA71889
Description: Fragment of wooden furniture with a carving of a warrior on horseback carrying a lance (a warrior saint).
Culture/period: Late Christian Period
Findspot: Excavated/Findspot: Qasr Ibrim, House LC1-8 Room 7 upper fill (Africa, Egypt, Qasr Ibrim (Nubia))
Materials: wood
: Height: 14.5 centimetres
: Width: 7 centimetres
Acquisition name
: Donated by: Egypt Exploration Society
: Division of Finds: Egyptian Antiquities Organisation
Acquisition date: 1989
Department: Ancient Egypt & Sudan
BM/Big number: EA71889
Registration number: 1990,0127.72
Additional IDs
: QI.69.2.11/11
: QI.69/1305
: QI.69/46
British Museum

Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers from Coptic Egyptian and Nubian sources
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