Ghaznavid Bodyguard

by Graham Turner

Based on the wall paintings from one of the Ghaznavid palaces at Laškarī Bāzār in central Afghanistan,
probably built by Masʿūd I (H421-32/1030-41)

G1: Ghaznavid bodyguard. The feathered head-dresses of élite Ghaznavid guard units are described in the written sources and appear on painted ceramics. Like this man's coat and boots. It probably originated in Central Asia. Maces, like elaborate belt pedants, were another mark of élite status. (Main sources: wall paintings from Lashkari Bazar, 11th century Ghaznavid. Archaeol. Museum Kabul; iron mace-head, 11th-13th centuries, Iran, British Museum, inv. 838 89, London; feathered headdress on a painted ceramic, 12th century Iran, private collection.)
Source: MAA - 320 - Armies of the Caliphates 862-1098 by David Nicolle.

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