Hunter on an 11th century ivory drinking horn

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A number of superb 11th century ivory drinking horns and boxes survive, probably made in Muslim Sicily or southern Italy. Most show warriors and hunters with very convex hand-held bucklers, mail shirts, and broadswords without visible quillons. This was typical Arab or Berber gear, and could be seen as far east as Baghdad. (Victoria & Albert Museum, London)
Other Illustrations from Sicily or Italy:
Detail of carved ivory horn or 'oliphant' from Sicily, Musée Crozatier, Le Puy
Frieze over the door of the Church of San Benedetto, Brindisi, late 11th Century
Ivory casket, Fatimid Sicily or Southern Italy, 11th-12th Centuries, Pergamon Museum
Morgan Casket, Southern Italy, 11th-12th century
Islamic Sicilian Ivory Casket with Horsemen, 12th century, Bargello Museum
Sicilian ivory pyxis, 12th century, Louvre Museum
12th century Arabic & Frankish costume in the Painted Wooden Ceiling of the Palatine Chapel; or download this site as a 16.6MB zip
Sicilians & Germans in the Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pietro da Eboli, c.1197
Sicilian Ivory Casket with Hunters, Cappella Palatina, Palermo, 12th or 13th Century
Islamic Sicilian Ivory Casket with Horsemen, Veroli, Italy, c.1200-1225

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