Manuscript Illustration of
Iohannes, a Proximos with the court rank of Protospathários
Armenian Adrianople Gospel, c. 1007, Mechitarist Library, Venice.

Iohannes, a Proximos with the court rank of Protospathários, who served under the Dhoux Theodorakan in the Théma of Armenia; for reconstruction, see Plate G1. Note his gilded klivanion with double rivets. The way in which the klivanion was fastened is still difficult to understand, but in this miniature portrait of an Armenian Imperial officer of c. 1007, we note that his corselet is fastened on the shoulders. (Armenian Adrianople Gospel, Mechitarist Library, Venice; author’s photo from original)
Source: p.16, Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925-1025: The Tághmata and Imperial Guard by Timothy Dawson

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